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From Tony Dean <Tony.D...@sas.com>
Subject mr1 and mr2
Date Sat, 10 May 2014 23:52:14 GMT

I am trying to write a Java application that works with either MR1 and MR2.  At the present
I have MR2 (YARN) implementation deployed and running.  I am using mapred API.  I believe
that I read mapred and mapreduce APIs are compatible so either should work.  The only thing
that is different is the configuration properties that need to be specified depending on whether
the back-end is MR1 or MR2. BTW: I'm using CDH 4.6 (Hadoop 2.0).

My problem is that I can't seem to submit a job to the cluster.  It always runs locally. 
I setup JobConf with appropriate properties and submit the jobs using JobClient.  The properties
that I set on JobConf are as follows:

mapreduce.jobtracker.address=host:port (I know this is for MR1, but I'm trying everything)

The last 2 are the same but I read 2 different ways to set it in different conflicting documentations.

Anyway, can someone explain how to get this seemingly simple deployment to work?  What am
I missing?


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