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From Sai Prasanna <ansaiprasa...@gmail.com>
Subject App Master issue.
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2014 19:29:37 GMT

I have a five node cluster. One master and 4 slaves. Infact master also has
a data node running. When ever app master is launched in the master node,
simple wordcount program runs fine. But if it is launched in some slave
nodes, the progress of the application gets hung.
The problem is, though i have set the yarn.resourcemanager.hostname to the
ip-address of the master, the slave connects only to the default,
What could be the reason ???

I get the following message in the logs of app.master in web-UI.
*"...Configuration: job.xml:an attempt to override final parameter:
mapreduce.job.end-notification.max.retry.interval;  Ignoring.*

*2014-03-05 20:15:50,597 WARN [main] org.apache.hadoop.conf.Configuration:
job.xml:an attempt to override final parameter:
mapreduce.job.end-notification.max.attempts;  Ignoring.2014-03-05
20:15:50,603 INFO [main] org.apache.hadoop.yarn.client.RMProxy: Connecting
to ResourceManager at / <>2014-03-05
20:15:56,632 INFO [main] org.apache.hadoop.ipc.Client: Retrying connect to
server: <>. Already tried 0
time(s); retry policy is RetryUpToMaximumCountWithFixedSleep(maxRetries=10,
sleepTime=1000 MILLISECONDS)"*

*Sai Prasanna. AN*
*II M.Tech (CS), SSSIHL*

*Entire water in the ocean can never sink a ship, Unless it gets inside.All
the pressures of life can never hurt you, Unless you let them in.*

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