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From SF Hadoop <sfhad...@gmail.com>
Subject Java version with Hadoop 2.0
Date Wed, 09 Oct 2013 21:16:51 GMT
I am preparing to deploy multiple cluster / distros of Hadoop for testing /

In my research I have noticed discrepancies in the version of the JDK that
various groups are using.  Example:  Hortonworks is suggesting JDK6u31, CDH
recommends either 6 or 7 providing you stick to some guidelines for each
and Apache Hadoop seems to be somewhat of a "no mans land"; a lot of people
using a lot of different versions.

Does anyone have any insight they could share about how to approach
choosing the best JDK release?  (I'm a total Java newb, so any info /
further reading you guys can provide is appreciated.)



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