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From Jerome <jer...@ibt.unam.mx>
Subject Hadoop-2.2 getting started, how to init a HDFS server on single node?
Date Mon, 21 Oct 2013 23:04:15 GMT
Dear all

I'm was using hadoop-1.2 for some project, and be very enthousiast. Now, 
i want to switch to the new version 2.2, with Yarn. But reading the 
Getting Started document, i'm facing a "egg and chicken" problem: in the 
"Setting up a Single Node Cluster", it is asuming that we get HDFS 
running... and in the HDF User guide, as a Prerequisites, we need to 
have configured at least on single cluster node

Who can explain me a little how to begin with hadoop-2.2?

Best regards!
-- Jérôme
Quand on s'en va pour la première fois,
on ne sait pas comment se retourner.
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