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From Nafize <nrpai...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: jps show nothing but hadoop still running
Date Tue, 07 May 2013 03:46:11 GMT
MARCOS MEDRADO RUBINELLI <marcosm@...> writes:

> It's a limitation of jps: it will only show processes run as the current 
user. Try using "sudo -u hdfs jps". This also means that you will have to 
sudo as the appropriate user to run the stop/start scripts.
> Regards,
> Marcos
> On 11-04-2013 06:26, 
> zhang.heng16@zte.com.cn wrote:
> Hi Guys,         I use hadoop-1.0.4 for hbase-0.94.5,today i found jps 
command show nothing bug jps itself, however hadoop still running!Now i 
can't stop it.stop-all.sh just shows like following. Did someone encounter 
this problem before
>  or could give me some suggestion to solve it?       btw,hbase still can 
use hadoop. Thank you!         no jobtracker to stop
>         cmc-slave9: no tasktracker to stop         cmc-slave3: no 
tasktracker to stop         cmc-slave5: no tasktracker to stop         cmc-
slave7: no tasktracker to stop         cmc-slave4: no tasktracker to stop   
      cmc-slave6: no tasktracker to stop         cmc-slave1: no tasktracker 
to stop         cmc-slave10: no tasktracker to stop         cmc-slave11: no 
tasktracker to stop         cmc-slave8: no tasktracker to stop         cmc-
slave12: no tasktracker to stop         cmc-slave13: no tasktracker to stop 
        cmc-slave14: no tasktracker to stop         no namenode to stop     
            cmc-slave3: no datanode to stop         cmc-slave5: no datanode 
to stop         cmc-slave1: no datanode to stop         cmc-slave4: no 
datanode to stop         cmc-slave10: no datanode to stop         cmc-
slave9: no datanode to stop         cmc-slave11: no datanode to stop         
cmc-slave6: no datanode to stop         cmc-slave8: no datanode to stop     
    cmc-slave7: no datanode to stop         cmc-slave12: no datanode to stop 
        cmc-slave13: no datanode to stop         cmc-slave14: no datanode to 
stop         cmc-master: no secondarynamenode to stop
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I got same problem. After I checked with java update it still got same 
problem until i reformatted restarted the whole instance in ec2 along with 
hadoop and reformatted hdfs. Then I restarted hbase. It works like charm. 


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