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From John Lilley <john.lil...@redpoint.net>
Subject Help: error in hadoop build
Date Wed, 29 May 2013 18:33:50 GMT
Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I'm not sure where to start.  I am following BUILDING.txt
instructions for source checked out today using git:
git clone git://git.apache.org/hadoop-common.git Hadoop

Following build steps and adding -X for more logging:
mvn compile -X

But I get this error in Hadoop common
[WARNING] [protoc, --java_out=/home/jlilley/hadoop/hadoop-common-project/hadoop-common/target/generated-sources/java,
-I/home/jlilley/hadoop/hadoop-common-project/hadoop-common/src/main/proto, /home/jlilley/hadoop/hadoop-common-project/hadoop-common/src/main/proto/Security.proto,
/home/jlilley/hadoop/hadoop-common-project/hadoop-common/src/main/proto/RpcHeader.proto, /home/jlilley/hadoop/hadoop-common-project/hadoop-common/src/main/proto/ProtobufRpcEngine.proto,
failed with error code 1
[DEBUG] Security.proto:22:8: Option "java_generate_equals_and_hash" unknown.
[ERROR] protoc compiler error

The following were installed today, this is basically on a clean CentOS6 system:
# history | grep yum
   81  yum install protobuf-compiler
   82  yum install gcc
   84  yum install gcc-c++
   85  yum install cmake
   86  yum install make
   87  yum install zlib
   90  yum install git
   93  yum install eclipse

This seems to indicate that the problem may have to do with a too-recent protobuf and additional
settings that must be applied because of that:


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