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From Jens Scheidtmann <jens.scheidtm...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: question about scheduler rack awareness
Date Tue, 19 Mar 2013 08:07:40 GMT
Dear Jin,

you wrote:
> my question is : will the map task created on the node which access his
10 blocks most fastest ?

hadoop tries hard to run the map tasks on the node, where the data is
stored. "Hadoop: The Definitive Guide" has some UML Sequence diagrams on
what happens for creation of map jvms. Sorry, I was not able to relocate
them on the web, yet (well, safaribooksonline.com ;-).

Depending on the specific data layout (e.g. record lengths), the map tasks
may need to read other blocks anyway, which may be off-node.

On how many nodes is your 100 blocks file stored? on 10?

If it is on one node, then you're likely running into map slot limits or
container limits.

Best regards,


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