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From 谢良 <xieli...@xiaomi.com>
Subject 答复: Topology script frequency
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2013 02:26:21 GMT
I'd submitted a patch(HADOOP-8928.txt) to reload topology config dynamically like "hdfs dfsadmin
-refreshTopology" style several months before, see HADOOP-8928 for more details.

发件人: Chris Embree [cembree@gmail.com]
发送时间: 2013年2月21日 4:17
收件人: user@hadoop.apache.org
主题: Topology script frequency

I've checked all of the documentation, books and google searches I can think of....

I have a working topology script.  I have dynamic IP's.  I have an automated process to update
the rack data when a datanode changes IP.

What I don't have is any clue as to when the NN reads this script.  If I execute it right
now with it'll return /dc1/rack3  When I run hadoop balancer I see /default/rack/<>
I really don't want to have to restart the NN for IP changes to be noticed.

Any brilliant insights?

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