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From Wellington Chevreuil <wellington.chevre...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Newbie: HBase good for Tree like structure?
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2013 21:27:38 GMT
Hi José,

I think your structure is ok to define HBase row keys. The main issue
you`ll have then is row you`ll be able to build these keys, so that you can
properly access your tree nodes.

Regarding your scalability concerns, you should not worry to start with a
small Hadoop/Hbase cluster (even standalone) for development/concept proof
purposes, but that definitely will require a more robust environment if you
get to a billion of rows later. You'll have to start thinking on read/write
load patterns, so that you'll be able to take the best advantage of HBase
as your problem solution.


2013/2/19 José Feiteirinha <j@feiteira.org>

> Dear all,
> I hope this is the right place for this question.
> I'm currently in the starting stages of developing a software that may
> 'explode' in terms of users and data. I'm considering a very basic
> tree-like data-structure and would like to know your thoughts regarding
> HBase/Hadoop.
> My reason is that I would like to be prepared from the get-go for large
> data.
> My structure is planned as such:
>    - The data be nodes of a huge multidimensional tree.
>    - I'm planning on having each row containing the full node path, e.g.
>    "root.grandparentX.parentY.babyZ" (or ? "babyZ.parentY.grandparentX.root" )
>    - However in terms of data per node, it should be pretty much static.
> While this is a very simple structure, it does seem to be beneficial to
> use HBase / Hadoop just for the scalability alone. I also understood that
> if I get to billions of rows, only an HBase like approach can sustain me?
> My idea is to start with a simple standalone server and then expand the
> cluster as the load & data grow.
> If you may,
> I would like your thoughts, mostly regarding weather I'm using an Hammer
> to kill Ants, my proposed data-structure or any other advice you may have.
> Kind regards,
> José
> --
> José Feiteirinha
> www.feiteira.org

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