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From jamal sasha <jamalsha...@gmail.com>
Subject fundamental doubt
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2012 19:50:51 GMT
I guess i am asking alot of fundamental questions but i thank you guys for
taking out time to explain my doubts.
So i am able to write map reduce jobs but here is my mydoubt
As of now i am writing mappers which emit key and a value
This key value is then captured at reducer end and then i process the key
and value there.
Let's say i want to calculate the average...
Key1 value1
Key2 value 2
Key 1 value 3

So the output is something like
Key1 average of value  1 and value 3
Key2 average 2 = value 2

Right now in reducer i have to create a dictionary with key as original
keys and value is a list.
Data = defaultdict(list) == // python usrr
But i thought that
Mapper takes in the key value pairs and outputs key: ( v1,v2....)and
Reducer takes in this key and list of values and returns
Key , new value..

So why is the input of reducer the simple output of mapper and not the list
of all the values to a particular key or did i  understood something.
Am i making any sense ??

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