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From Alexey <alexx...@gmail.com>
Subject DFS respond very slow
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2012 10:12:58 GMT

I have an issues with hadoop dfs, I have 3 servers (24Gb RAM on each).
The servers are not overloaded, they just have hadoop installed. One
have datanode and namenode, second - datanode only, third - datanode and

Hadoop datanodes have a max memory limit 8Gb. Default replication factor
- 2. Limited replication bandwidth between datanodes - 5Mb.

I've setupped hadoop to communicate between nodes by IP address.
Everything is works - I can read/write files on each datanode, etc. But
the issue is that hadoop dfs commands are executing very slow, even
"hadoop dfs -ls /" takes about 3 seconds to execute, but it have only
one folder /user in it.
Files are also uploading to the hdfs very slow - hundreds kilobytes/second.

I'm using Debian stable x86-64 distribution and hadoop running through
sun-java6-jdk 6.26-0squeeze1

Please give me any suggestions what I need to adjust/check to arrange
this issue.

As I said before - overall hdfs configuration is correct, because
everything works except performance.

Best regards

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