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From Gaurav Dasgupta <gdsay...@gmail.com>
Subject Info required regarding JobTracker Job Details/Metrics
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2012 10:58:04 GMT
Hi Users,

I have run a wordount job on a Hadoop 0.20 cluster and the JobTracker Web
UI gave me the following information after the successful completion of the

*Job Counters*
Total time spent by all reduces waiting after reserving slots (ms)=0
Total time spent by all maps waiting after reserving slots (ms)=0
Launched map tasks=2
*Map-Reduce Framework*
Map input records=586006142
Reduce shuffle bytes=53567298
Spilled Records=108996063
Map output bytes=468042247685
CPU time spent (ms)=91162220
Total committed heap usage (bytes)=981605744640
Combine input records=32046224559
Reduce input records=96063
Reduce input groups=1000
Combine output records=108902950
Physical memory (bytes) snapshot=1147705057280
Reduce output records=1000
Virtual memory (bytes) snapshot=3221902118912
Map output records=31937417672

Can some one explain me all these above metrics? I mainly want to know the
"total shuffled bytes" of the jobs. Is is "Reduce shuffle bytes"? Also, how
can I calculate the "total shuffle time taken"?
Also, which of the above are the "Map Input Size", "Reduce Input Size" and
"Reduce Output Size"?
I also want to know what is the difference between "FILE_BYTES_WRITTEN and
HDFS_BYTES_WRITTEN. What is it writing outside HDFS which is bigger in size
than HDFS?

Gaurav Dasgupta

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