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From Vamshi Krishna <vamshi2...@gmail.com>
Subject job taking input file, which "is being" written by its preceding job's map phase
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2012 06:58:21 GMT
Hi all
i have an important question about mapreduce.
 i have 2 hadoop mapreduce jobs. job1 has only mapper but no reducer. Job1
started and in its map() it is writing to a "file1" using
context(Arg1,Arg2). If i wanted to start job2 (immidietly after job1) ,
which should take the "file1" (output still being written by above job's
map phase) as input and do processing in its own map/reduce phases, and
job2 should keep on taking the newly written data to "file1" , untill job1
finishes, what i should do?

how can i do that, Please can anybody help?

Vamshi Krishna

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