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From Keith Wiley <kwi...@keithwiley.com>
Subject Good resource to learn .20 API?
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2012 21:50:01 GMT
Would anyone recommend a good book or online resource that specifically teaches the .20 API
as opposed to the .19 API?  It's several years old and I've really dropped the ball on this

As a followup...I'm mildly curious whether later versions (it's up to .23 I believe) offer
substantial differences in the Java (nonstreaming) coding environment.  Since the majority
of my Hadoop heavy-lifting has used streaming, I've never really honed my Hadoop Java skills.

I say "mildly" because I'll probably be using Cloudera's distribution which is .20, but I'm
still curious how far behind my Hadoop skills are.  As I've admitted here, I've never really
made a push to jump the .19/.20 divide.  I'm wondering if future chasms lie ahead as well.


Keith Wiley     kwiley@keithwiley.com     keithwiley.com    music.keithwiley.com

"What I primarily learned in grad school is how much I *don't* know.
Consequently, I left grad school with a higher ignorance to knowledge ratio than
when I entered."
                                           --  Keith Wiley

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