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From John Armstrong <j...@ccri.com>
Subject Changing default task JVM classpath
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2012 14:49:12 GMT
Hi, everybody.

I'm having some difficulties, which I've traced to not having the
Accumulo libraries and configuration available in my task JVMs.  The
most elegant solution -- especially since I will not always have control
over the Accumulo configuration files -- would be to make them available
to the JVMs directly.

First, to make sure I've understood correctly: the JVM classpath
consists by default of

* the hadoop/conf and (the contents of) the hadoop/lib directories
* the job JAR file
* any other files placed on the distributed classpath

My question is, essentially, how to change the first of these.  What
setting controls this, and can I change it to point at additional

As a side note, how does a cluster with an HBase install make sure that
all the tasks that might need them have access to the HBase libraries
and configuration?  Is the job responsible of transporting them?

Thanks in advance.

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