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From Yin Huai <huaiyin....@gmail.com>
Subject [Announcing Release] YSmart: An SQL-to-MapReduce Translator
Date Mon, 30 Jan 2012 17:41:03 GMT
We would like to announce that YSmart Release 12.01 (effectively
version 0.1) is available. YSmart is a software that translates an SQL
query to Hadoop Java programs. Compared to other existing
SQL-to-MapReduce translators, YSmart has the following advantages:

(1) High Performance: YSmart can detect and exploit the intra-query
correlations to generate optimized Hadoop programs for very complex
analytical queries.

(2) High Extensibility: The major part of YSmart is written in Python.
Due to its modularity and script nature, users can easily add new
functionalities to YSmart.

(3) High Flexibility: YSmart can run in a translation-only mode or in
a total-solution mode. Users can easily read, modify, and customize
the generated Java codes.

The release is made available under the Apache 2.0 license.

In addition, we also provide an online version of YSmart, which can
allow users to quickly try YSmart. The online version is a web page
where you can submit your query and get the translated Java codes.

The homepage of YSmart is http://ysmart.cse.ohio-state.edu.

Please contact us for any comments or suggestions at the following address:

The YSmart Team
January, 2012

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