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From arun k <arunk...@gmail.com>
Subject Capturing Map/reduce task run times and bytes read & Console Output Not seen
Date Sat, 03 Dec 2011 03:15:17 GMT
Hi guys !

I have set up a single node cluster as per below link

I have tried to run Wordcount example.

> I have given the sysout statements in Worcount.java, MapTask.java and
   I have done
  - {HADOOP_HOME}$ ant build
  - started daemons
  - ran the Example
 but i don't see them on console output. I tried to find in logs but i
couldn't find them. Where exactly can is see them ?

> When the M/R job finishes is see that counters display Bytes read and
written. Are these related a particular map task of the job or total bytes
for both map and reduce task ?
   How do i get how many bytes were read and written by map and reduce
task separately ?


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