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From arun k <arunk...@gmail.com>
Subject How is data of each job assigned to nodes in Mumak ?
Date Tue, 15 Nov 2011 14:22:02 GMT
Hi guys !

Q> How can i assign data of each job in mumak nodes and what else i need to
do ?
In general how can i use the pluggable block-placement for HDFS in Mumak ?
Meaning in my context i am using 19-jobs-trace json file and modified
topology json file consisting of say 4 nodes. Since the number of tasks(map
& reduce) are fixed for these jobs i want to assign the input data( with
their replication) of each job to some particular nodes, so that i can use
this info in my scheduler . Does the code for "ObtainLocalMapTask" /
"ObtainNonlocalMaptask" in Scheduler need to be changed if i have to use
this data placement info ?

Q>If i have to add some fields to jobs in job trace file , how do i add it
to job trace and access in my scheduler code for scheduling in Mumak.
Which classes do i need to modify for this?


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