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From Stephen Boesch <java...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: MRv2 DataNode problem: isBPServiceAlive invoked order of 200K times per second
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2011 15:23:51 GMT
Update on this:  I've shut down all the servers multiple times.  Also
cleared the data directories and reformatted the namenode. Restarted it and
the same results: 100% cpu and millions of these calls to isBPServiceAlive.

2011/11/29 Stephen Boesch <javadba@gmail.com>

> I am just trying to get off the ground with MRv2.  The first node (in
> pseudo distributed mode)  is working fine - ran a couple of TeraSort's on
> it.
> The second node has a serious issue with its single DataNode: it consumes
> 100% of one of the CPU's.  Looking at it through JVisualVM, there are over
> 8 million invocations of isBPServiceAlive in a matter of a minute or so and
>  continually incrementing at a steady clip.   A screenshot of the JvisualVM
> cpu profile - showing just shy of 8M invocations is attached.
> What kind of configuration error could lead to this?  The conf/masters and
> conf/slaves simply say localhost.   If need be I'll copy the *-site.xml's.
>  They are boilerplate from the Cloudera page by Ahmed Radwan.

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