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From Steve Lewis <lordjoe2...@gmail.com>
Subject Reading the value of a counter
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2011 19:17:46 GMT
 Assume I have a class which extends Configured implements Tool

Assume I run the job using the run method.

Within my job I increment a counter. When I finish the run I want the final
value of the counter.

in the code which calls the run method (which in my system is running
outside of the cluster ) how to I get the final value of
my counter after the job is complete. Assume I run 0.20? . A code sampel
would be very usefil

Also a job prints to stderr a report of Reduce input groups, Combine output
records,Map input records

11/09/26 11:15:42 INFO mapred.JobClient:     Reduce input groups=26308
11/09/26 11:15:42 INFO mapred.JobClient:     Combine output records=0
11/09/26 11:15:42 INFO mapred.JobClient:     Map input records=12606891

Is there a way for my code to access these numbers after the job has

Steven M. Lewis PhD
4221 105th Ave NE
Kirkland, WA 98033
206-384-1340 (cell)
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