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From pranjal shrivastava <brillian...@gmail.com>
Subject 7 of 487 New window Print all Can JobConf object be declared global and used in mapper and reducer class
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2011 13:36:25 GMT
pranjal shrivastava to mapreduce-user.
show details 9:12 AM (22 minutes ago)

I declared JobConf object static and globally in the main class and
initialized it in the main function.Since it is global and static to inner
mapper and reducer classes ,I tried to JobConf object in the mapper and
reducer function.But on doing this I find JobConf object to be null.Why is
this happening .

Code is like
class wordcount{
private static JobConf conf;

//public static mapperclass{
    //I try to access conf object here which comes to be null

//public static reducerclass{
public static void main(String args[]){
conf=new JobConf(wordcount.class)
//set mapper class
//setreducer class
//set job client
//launch the mappers,reducers

Whats going wrong?Why I am not able to access conf object in mapper.I need
this for using distributed cache files.

Thank you

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