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From bejoy.had...@gmail.com
Subject Re: Reducers without output files
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2011 04:09:12 GMT
Hi Akro
       You can achieve the same within the existing mapreduce frame work itself. Give a NullWritable
in place of reducer output value in reduce function. In your driver class as well mention
the output value type as NullWritable.

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From: Arko Provo Mukherjee
To: mapreduce-user@hadoop.apache.org
ReplyTo: mapreduce-user@hadoop.apache.org
Subject: Reducers without output files
Sent: Sep 15, 2011 08:56

Hello Everyone,

I have a small issue with my Reducer that I am trying to figure out
and wanted some advice.

In the reducer, when writing to the output file as declared in
FileOutputFormat.setOutputPath() I want to write only the key and not
the value when I am calling output.collect().

Is there a way I can ignore the key part?


Can I write a Reducer function that doesn't do a output.collect()??

Say I omit the FileOutputFormat.setOutputPath() in the Driver Class.

I can then manually write the output to HDFS in the format I like.

Is this legal way to do stuff?

Many thanks in advance!
Warm Regards

Bejoy K S
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