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From Em <mailformailingli...@yahoo.de>
Subject Re: How would you translate this into MapReduce?
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2011 16:53:56 GMT
Hi Steven,

thanks for your response! For the ease of use we can make those
assumptions you made - maybe this makes it much easier to help. Those
little extras are something for after solving the "easy" version of the
task. :)

What do you mean with the following?

> The second job takes Person : list of places and return for each place
> in the list consructs
> place : 1 | place after P : 1 | next place : 1 ...

You mean something like that?

Washington DC:1
New York after Washington DC:1
Miami after New York:1

I do not see the benefit for the result I like to get?

The end-result should be something like that:
Washington DC => New York, Miami, Los Angeles
New York => Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco

The point is, that one can see that persons that visited Washington DC
are likely to visit New York as the next place, Miami as the second and
L.A. as the third.
However, if I choose New York as my starting point, I can see that
persons that start their journey in New York (and maybe weren't in DC
before) are likely to visit Chicago, Seattle and San Francisco. Maybe
Los Angeles comes at the 10th position.


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