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From "Kleegrewe, Christian" <christian.kleegr...@siemens.com>
Subject AW: How to send files to task trackers in a map-red job
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2011 07:45:02 GMT
hi JJ,

You can add the files to your jar file. That grants that the files are avaliable to each tak.
If the files are job dependent you should use an ant script that adds the files to the jar
each time you start a job.




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Betreff: How to send files to task trackers in a map-red job

I have 2 files that I want to send to all tasktrackers during job execution.
I try something like:
hadoop jar abc.jar <main class> -conf <conf file> -cacheFile 'hdfs://<namenode>:port/user/jj/dummy/abc.dat#abc'
-cacheFile 'hdfs://<namenode>:port/user/jj/dummy/abc.txt#abc1'

But looks like I don't get second file to the task trackers and all task trackers fail with
exception - "file not found: /user/jj/dummy/abc.txt".

Could somebody please guide me to the right way how to get files to all the data nodes in
a map-red job ?


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