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From John Armstrong <john.armstr...@ccri.com>
Subject Re: Problems adding JARs to distributed classpath in Hadoop 0.20.2
Date Mon, 30 May 2011 17:22:26 GMT
On Mon, 30 May 2011 09:43:14 -0700, Alejandro Abdelnur <tucu@cloudera.com>
> If you still want to start your MR job from your Java action, then your
> Java
> action should do all the setup the MapReduceMain class does before
> the MR job (this will ensure delegation tokens and distributed cache is
> avail to your MR job).

Yes, my Java action is doing the setup work.  In particular, it calls
DistrributedCache.addfileToClassPath(), which (according to the
documentation) should be the same as passing it in at the command line with
-libjars, right?  And yet it doesn't seem to work.

Is this the same as the JIRA issue MAPREDUCE-752?  And if so, does this
mean that there is no solution (other than a workaround like passing a fat
JAR) that doesn't involve patching the Hadoop code itself (which I'd have
to get our client to agree to)?

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