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From sean jensen-grey <se...@seattlehadoop.org>
Subject seattle hadoop announce: meeting April 21st 2011 @ 7:15 pm, Avro Serialization Super Special!
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2011 03:38:59 GMT

Hello Fellow Hadoopists,

We are meeting at 7:15 PM April 21st at the

University Heights Community Center
5031 University Way NE
Seattle WA 98105
Room #110

The meetings are informal and highly conversational. If you have
questions about Hadoop and map reduce this is a great
place to ask them.

Sean Jensen-Grey seanj@seattlehadoop.org
Chris Wilkes cwilkes@seattlehadoop.org

	Sean & Chris

Seattle Hadoop Distributing Computing User Meeting
    Bringing Hadoopists Together On the 3rd
        Thursday of the Month

We focus predominately on distributed data
processing using a map reduce style. The meetings
are open to all and free of charge. 

When: Thursday April 21st, 7:00 pm room,  7:15 start - 8:45
Where: University Heights Community Center, Room 110

Outline for April 21st:

Serialization Super Special!

	We will cover Avro the up and coming cross platform
	data serialization and RPC mechanism targeted at

	The use of Avro both simplifies and accelerates the
	Hadoop workflow by making the inputs and the outputs
	to your mappers and reducers more tractable. By
	coaelescing many small files into Avro records the
	job processing time becomes shorter.

	The current outline:

		Avro Schema definition and the design of quality
			long term data structures.

		Examples of reading and writing Avro files in
			Java, Python and C

		Writing Mapreduce jobs that operate over Avro
			files using the AvroMapper and AvroReducer.

Please sign up for the announce list @ seattlehadoop.org for late
breaking meetings information and post meeting communication.

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    Sean & Chris


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