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From Min Zhou <coderp...@gmail.com>
Subject Why jobtracker.jsp can safely call a non-thread-safe method of JT?
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2011 03:16:55 GMT
Hi all,

Hadoop JobTracker's http info server provides running/failed/completed
job informations on the web through jobtracker.jsp.  Lines below show
the logic how the web retries those informations from JobTracker.

  JobTracker tracker = (JobTracker) application.getAttribute("job.tracker");
  Vector<JobInProgress> runningJobs = tracker.runningJobs();
  Vector<JobInProgress> completedJobs = tracker.completedJobs();
  Vector<JobInProgress> failedJobs = tracker.failedJobs();

Those three methods above are apparently non-thread-safe ones.  I am
confused,  why the web can safely call a non-thread-safe method of JT?

My research interests are distributed systems, parallel computing and
bytecode based virtual machine.

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