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From Sarthak Dudhara <sarthak...@gmail.com>
Subject 0.20.2 : Running Chained jobs using JobControl
Date Sat, 01 Jan 2011 23:18:45 GMT

I am trying to run chained jobs using Hadoop 0.20.2. I see that the class
JobControl is provided for the same purpose in 0.20.2. However, I can only
add the deprecated class org.apache.hadoop.mapred.jobcontrol.Job.
For using the JobControl class I need to use the older deprecated Job class
and the other deprecated classes from the mapred package e.g. JobConf, etc.
to be able to use JobControl. I am starting out developing infrastructure
for us to create jobs etc and dont want to use deprecated classes/packages

In Hadoop 0.21.0, I have seen there is another class ControlledJob and
JobControl in the mapreduce.lib.jobcontrol package that takes care of this.
However 0.21.0 is not production ready as mentioned on the Hadoop site.

What is the suggested course of action in this case? I see that using
deprecated classes is the only option I see. Actualy, using deprecated
classes will cause quite a few cascading changes, so I am trying to not do
that if possible.


Sarthak Dudhara

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