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From "Ratner, Alan S (IS)" <Alan.Rat...@ngc.com>
Subject FixedLengthInputFormat: Patch 1176
Date Mon, 27 Sep 2010 15:36:31 GMT

I am trying to read in fixed-width records using the code from Patch
1176 (FixedLengthInputFormat and FixedLengthRecordReader) to use in
Hadoop 0.21.0.  (Rather than rebuild Hadoop I simply copied the code
into my Eclipse package.)  Eclipse recognizes FixedLengthInputFormat but
finds it incompatible with setInputFormat.  The error I get is:

The method setInputFormat(Class<? Extends InputFormat>) in the type
JobConf not applicable for the arguments (Class<FixedLengthInputFormat>)

                                    JobConf conf = new
JobConf(getConf(), ReadFixedWidthRecords.class);




Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.




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