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From Martin Becker <_martinbec...@web.de>
Subject start-{dfs,mapred}.sh > Hadoop common not found
Date Wed, 22 Sep 2010 15:17:03 GMT

I am using Hadoop MapReduce 0.21.0. The usual process of starting 
Hadoop/HDFS/MapReduce was to use the "start-all.sh" script. Now when 
calling that script, it tell me that its usage is deprecated and I was 
to use "start-{dfs,mapred}.sh". But when I do so the error message 
"Hadoop common not found" will be thrown. I was looking through the 
script files and it seems that the problem are not set environment 
variables. That is HADOOP_HOME and HADOOP_COMMON_HOME. Now those are set 
in the hadoop-config.sh. Yet start-{dfs,mared}.sh on the other hand are 
looking for those two environment variables to call exactly that script 
file: hadoop-config.sh. Now that seems odd to me. So is there a way of 
starting Hadoop a non-deprecated way or is this a bug?


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