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From Jake Vang <vangj...@googlemail.com>
Subject how to submit jobs to a multi-node cluster (linux) from cygwin (windows)
Date Sun, 15 Aug 2010 19:55:59 GMT
  i seem to be having problems submitting jobs from hadoop using cygwin 
in windows (windows 7) to a hadoop multi-node cluster (ubuntu).

in windows/cygwin, i have created a user called hadoop. this user, 
hadoop, is also the user that is created on the master/slave nodes as 
well. furthermore, i have set dfs.permissions to false.

i have an xml file called, hadoop-cluster.xml with the following 
name-value pairs.
* fs.default.name=hdfs://hadoop-0:54310
* mapred.job.tracker=hadoop-0:54311

when i run hadoop (using cygwin) i try a command like this:
bin/hadoop my-lib.jar /user/hadoop/input-dir /user/hadoop/output-dir 
-conf conf/hadoop-cluster.xml

but it always fails. the command never passes in the input and output 
arguments to the program and it exits. why is this? when i upload this 
jar file to a data node (more precisely, the master node, name node), 
and run this command then it works (of course, then i don't need to pass 
in the -conf param).

any help is appreciated.

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