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From Alan Miller <someb...@squareplanet.de>
Subject tab-delimited output
Date Wed, 12 May 2010 21:07:22 GMT
Hi all,

How can I write tab-delimited output files from my reducer?

My reducer gets Text/Text key/vals like:

hostX_2010-05-01 varA=valA1,varB=valB1,varC=valC1
hostX_2010-05-01 varA=valA2,varB=valB2,varC=valC2
hostX_2010-05-01 varA=valA3,varB=valB3,varC=valC3
hostY_2010-05-01 varA=valA1,varB=valB1,varC=valC1
hostY_2010-05-01 varA=valA2,varB=valB2,varC=valC2
hostY_2010-05-01 varA=valA3,varB=valB3,varC=valC3

After my reducer calcs the daily averages of varA,B,C
I  want to write a tab-delimited file with lines like:

hostX    varA-Avg    varB-Avg    varC-Avg    ....
hostY    varA-Avg    varB-Avg    varC-Avg    ....


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