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From Eric Sammer <e...@lifeless.net>
Subject Re: How to use an alternative connector to SSH ?
Date Tue, 12 Jan 2010 15:03:05 GMT
On 1/12/10 9:19 AM, Emmanuel Jeanvoine wrote:
> Hello,
> I would to use the Hadoop framework with MapReduce and I have a 
> question concerning the use of SSH.
> Is it possible to use another connector than SSH to launch remote 
> commands ?
> I quickly checked the code but I think this is hardcoded since only 
> SSH options seem to be customizable.


You're correct in that ssh is hard coded in the start-*.sh scripts. You
can either use Cloudera's distribution (which comes with init scripts
that run on each node like other services) or you can roll your own
start up scripts and invoke the underlying hadoop-daemon.sh scripts on
each node over whatever communication channel you'd like. You may have
to do a little environment setup first if you choose to go this route.
Take a look at the source of start-*.sh; they're pretty simple.

Hope this helps.
Eric Sammer

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