Thanks for the response folks!

I am following the link but looks like I am missing something.
I am in the following directory hadoop\release-1.0.2-rc2\src (attached screenshot) and have been able to build the protocol buffer.
I am using cygwin and trying to build the mapreduce from command line. (don't know whether to use ant or maven)

Obviously I might be missing something here. Any pointers please let me know.
I will try to poke around more on this link later.


On Wed, May 9, 2012 at 9:51 AM, Robert Evans <> wrote: is the best place to start.  Checking the code in through git will not trigger a jenkins build, unless you have a special setup that goes beyond Apache provides.  You do not need to compile the entire tree to get Map/Reduce, but typically it is not a big deal to compile everything.

--Bobby Evans

On 5/8/12 11:50 PM, "Radim Kolar" <> wrote:

I am interested in working on mapreduce package, so not sure if I need
to compile the whole tree.

I work on branch-0.23. It can be just imported into SpringToolsSuite,
then click on Run -> Maven -> type in 'compile' target. It compiles
module it just fails on Avro stuff. But it is good enough that you can
edit it in Eclipse with some comfort. Then just commit to git and let
Jenkins on Unix to build it for you.