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Ramya Sunil (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3819) Exception while renewing delegation token Mon, 06 Feb, 20:28
Ramya Sunil (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3820) Improve logging when containers run beyond memory limits Mon, 06 Feb, 20:33
Ramya Sunil (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3821) NPE while running Shuffle benchmark Mon, 06 Feb, 20:50
Ramya Sunil (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3841) Broken Server metrics and Local logs link under the tools menu Wed, 08 Feb, 19:40
Ravi Gummadi (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3829) [Gridmix] Gridmix should give better error message when input-data directory already exists and -generate option is given Tue, 07 Feb, 08:01
Ravi Gummadi (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3860) [Rumen] Bring back the removed Rumen unit teststoo Wed, 15 Feb, 10:24
Ravi Gummadi (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (MAPREDUCE-3620) GrimdMix Stats at the end of GridMix are not reported correctly Fri, 10 Feb, 09:28
Ravi Prakash (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3798) TestJobCleanup testCustomCleanup is failing Fri, 03 Feb, 16:35
Ravi Prakash (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3799) TestServiceLevelAuthorization testServiceLevelAuthorization failing Fri, 03 Feb, 16:51
Ravi Prakash (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3800) TestHarFileSystem testRelativeArchives Fri, 03 Feb, 16:55
Ravi Prakash (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3840) JobEndNotifier doesn't use the proxyToUse during connecting Wed, 08 Feb, 15:56
Ravi Prakash (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (MAPREDUCE-3799) TestServiceLevelAuthorization testServiceLevelAuthorization failing Mon, 13 Feb, 16:15
Ravi Prakash (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (MAPREDUCE-3800) TestHarFileSystem testRelativeArchives Mon, 13 Feb, 16:15
Ravi Prakash (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (MAPREDUCE-1688) A failing retry'able notification in JobEndNotifier can affect notifications of other jobs. Tue, 21 Feb, 15:52
Robert Evans Mixed Mode Environments Thu, 02 Feb, 16:15
Robert Joseph Evans (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3793) Add a yarn kill command Thu, 02 Feb, 21:44
Robert Joseph Evans (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3801) org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.v2.app.TestRuntimeEstimators,testExponentialEstimator fails intermittently Fri, 03 Feb, 17:19
Robert Joseph Evans (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3802) If an MR AM dies twice it looks like the process freezes Fri, 03 Feb, 21:16
Robert Joseph Evans (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3911) Pending Jobs Metric can get off if job is submitted with invalid HDFS delegation token. Fri, 24 Feb, 16:46
Robert Joseph Evans (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3930) The AM page for a Reducer that has not been launched causes an NPE Mon, 27 Feb, 22:29
Robert Joseph Evans (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3944) JobHistory web services are slower then the UI and can easly overload the JH Wed, 29 Feb, 22:45
Robert Joseph Evans (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (MAPREDUCE-3821) NPE while running Shuffle benchmark Mon, 06 Feb, 20:54
Roman Shaposhnik (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3791) can't build site in hadoop-yarn-server-common Thu, 02 Feb, 18:34
Roman Shaposhnik (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3845) hadoop distcp fails to run with java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError Thu, 09 Feb, 22:52
Roman Shaposhnik (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3879) yarn script has vestiges of jsvc that need to be cleaned up Sat, 18 Feb, 00:27
Roman Shaposhnik (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3900) mr-jobhistory-daemon.sh should rely on MAPREDUCE env. variables instead of the YARN ones Thu, 23 Feb, 00:19
Roman Shaposhnik (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3916) various issues with running yarn proxyserver Fri, 24 Feb, 18:23
Roman Shaposhnik (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (MAPREDUCE-3845) hadoop distcp fails to run with java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError Fri, 10 Feb, 02:26
Sanjay Radia (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3898) Hadoop for Windows - Interfacing with Windows to manage MR tasks Wed, 22 Feb, 22:35
Schubert Zhang Re: Optimized Hadoop Thu, 16 Feb, 17:44
Schubert Zhang Re: Optimized Hadoop Fri, 17 Feb, 04:25
Schubert Zhang Re: Optimized Hadoop Mon, 20 Feb, 18:17
Schubert Zhang Re: Optimized Hadoop Thu, 23 Feb, 10:49
Schubert Zhang Re: Optimized Hadoop Thu, 23 Feb, 11:01
Scott Chen (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3868) Reenable Raid Thu, 16 Feb, 00:45
Sergey Tryuber (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3859) CapacityScheduler incorrectly utilizes extra-resources of queue for high-memory jobs Tue, 14 Feb, 09:03
Sharad Agarwal Re: Optimized Hadoop Fri, 17 Feb, 11:18
Siddharth Seth (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3808) NPE in FileOutputCommitter when running a 0 reduce job Sat, 04 Feb, 19:51
Siddharth Seth (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3809) Tasks may take upto 3 seconds to exit after completion Sun, 05 Feb, 20:22
Siddharth Seth (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3811) Make the Client-AM IPC retry count configurable Sun, 05 Feb, 21:43
Siddharth Seth (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3815) Data Locality suffers if HDFS returns IPs in getFileBlockLocations Mon, 06 Feb, 04:21
Siddharth Seth (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3834) If multiple hosts for a split belong to the same rack, the rack is added multiple times in the AM request table Tue, 07 Feb, 19:48
Siddharth Seth (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3901) lazy load JobHistory Task and TaskAttempt details Thu, 23 Feb, 03:03
Siddharth Seth (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3905) Allow per job log aggregation configuration Thu, 23 Feb, 19:46
Steve Loughran (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3848) RM to issue slots on a specific machine to users with admin rights Fri, 10 Feb, 11:39
Steve Loughran (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3877) Add a test to formalise the current state transitions of the yarn lifecycle Fri, 17 Feb, 17:39
Steve Loughran (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3886) add shutdown hook to shutdown a service; services to invoke Tue, 21 Feb, 12:31
Steve Loughran (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3909) javadoc the ServiceStateChangeListener callback Fri, 24 Feb, 15:28
Steve Loughran (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3939) Enhance YARN service model Wed, 29 Feb, 10:31
Steve Loughran (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (MAPREDUCE-1416) New JIRA components for Map/Reduce project Sat, 18 Feb, 16:21
Steve Loughran (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (MAPREDUCE-1332) Ant tasks for job submission Sat, 18 Feb, 16:25
Subir S (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3924) Partioning Failing in certain scenarios for Hadoop Streaming using Ruby Sat, 25 Feb, 16:01
Suresh Srinivas (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3855) TestSubmitJob should use DistributedFileSystem Sat, 11 Feb, 20:54
Thomas Graves (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3816) capacity scheduler web ui bar graphs for used capacity wrong Mon, 06 Feb, 15:20
Thomas Graves (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3835) RM capacity scheduler web UI doesn't show active users Tue, 07 Feb, 21:50
Thomas Graves (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3852) test TestLinuxResourceCalculatorPlugin failing Fri, 10 Feb, 22:34
Thomas Graves (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3889) job client tries to use /tasklog interface, but that doesn't exist anymore Tue, 21 Feb, 21:38
Thomas Graves (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3893) allow capacity scheduler configs maximum-applications and maximum-am-resource-percent configurable on a per queue basis Wed, 22 Feb, 14:17
Thomas Graves (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3897) capacity scheduler - maxActiveApplicationsPerUser calculation can be wrong Wed, 22 Feb, 21:41
Thomas Graves (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3903) no admin override to view jobs on mr app master and job history server Thu, 23 Feb, 17:28
Thomas Graves (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3908) jobhistory server trying to load job conf file from wrong location Thu, 23 Feb, 22:23
Thomas Graves (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3917) Use java.net.preferIPv4Stack to force IPv4 in yarn Fri, 24 Feb, 19:15
Thomas Graves (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3937) docs need updating on how to start proxyserver Tue, 28 Feb, 23:26
Thomas Graves (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (MAPREDUCE-3853) TestLinuxResourceCalculatorPlugin is failing on trunk and 0.23 branch. Fri, 10 Feb, 23:15
Thomas Graves (Resolved) (JIRA) [jira] [Resolved] (MAPREDUCE-3037) Add a consistent method for getting the job configuration's XML within the AppMaster and the JobHistory Fri, 17 Feb, 22:30
Todd Lipcon Re: Optimized Hadoop Thu, 16 Feb, 19:27
Todd Lipcon Re: Optimized Hadoop Fri, 17 Feb, 18:07
Todd Lipcon (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3864) Fix cluster setup docs for correct SNN HTTPS parameters Wed, 15 Feb, 18:26
Tom White (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3794) Support mapred.Task.Counter and mapred.JobInProgress.Counter enums for compatibility Thu, 02 Feb, 22:49
Tom White (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3854) Reinstate environment variable tests in TestMiniMRChildTask Sat, 11 Feb, 00:08
Tom White (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3858) Task attempt failure during commit results in task never completing Tue, 14 Feb, 01:22
Tom White (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3871) Allow symlinking in LocalJobRunner DistributedCache Thu, 16 Feb, 19:58
Tom White (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3935) Annotate Counters.Counter and Counters.Group as @Public Tue, 28 Feb, 18:41
Tom White (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3936) Improve counter limits behaviour in 1.x Tue, 28 Feb, 18:57
Tsz Wo \(Nicholas\), Sze Fw: [RESULT][VOTE] Merging 0.23-PB to 0.23 Mon, 27 Feb, 04:37
Tsz Wo \(Nicholas\), Sze Fw: [RESULT][VOTE] Merging 0.23-PB to 0.23 Mon, 27 Feb, 04:39
Tsz Wo \(Nicholas\), Sze Re: [RESULT][VOTE] Merging 0.23-PB to 0.23 Mon, 27 Feb, 05:09
Vinay Kumar Thota (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3831) RM scalability runtime is worse than 0.20.204 by 14.2% Tue, 07 Feb, 12:33
Vinay Kumar Thota (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3875) S-live: Rate operation count for delete is worse than 0.20.204 by 28.8% Fri, 17 Feb, 11:43
Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3778) Per-state RM app-pages should have search ala JHS pages Wed, 01 Feb, 00:54
Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3795) "job -status" command line output is malformed Thu, 02 Feb, 23:50
Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3805) MR AM not respecting MaxReduceRampUpLimit Fri, 03 Feb, 23:53
Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3810) MR AM's ContainerAllocator is assigning the allocated containers very slowly Sun, 05 Feb, 21:21
Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3812) Change default AM slot size to be 1GB Sun, 05 Feb, 22:43
Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3813) RackResolver should maintain a cache to avoid repetitive lookups. Sun, 05 Feb, 22:53
Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3818) Trunk MRV1 compilation is broken. Mon, 06 Feb, 19:41
Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3823) Counters are getting calculated twice at job-finish and delaying clients. Mon, 06 Feb, 22:31
Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3827) Counters aggregation slowed down significantly after MAPREDUCE-3749 Tue, 07 Feb, 01:57
Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3836) TestContainersMonitor failing intermittently Tue, 07 Feb, 22:04
Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3846) Restarted+Recovered AM hangs in some corner cases Thu, 09 Feb, 22:52
Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3865) RM should throw different exceptions for while querying app/node/queue Wed, 15 Feb, 22:52
Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3866) bin/yarn prints the command line unnecessarily Wed, 15 Feb, 23:04
Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3888) Ensure/confirm that the NodeManager cleanup their local filesystem when they restart Tue, 21 Feb, 19:19
Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3921) MR AM should act on the nodes liveliness information when nodes go up/down/unhealthy Fri, 24 Feb, 21:51
Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3931) MR tasks failing due to changing timestamps on Resources to download Mon, 27 Feb, 22:31
Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3932) MR tasks failing and crashing the AM when available-resources/headRoom becomes zero Mon, 27 Feb, 22:39
Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3940) ContainerTokens should have an expiry interval Wed, 29 Feb, 19:27
Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3942) Randomize master key generation for ApplicationTokenSecretManager and roll it every so often Wed, 29 Feb, 21:49
Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3943) RM-NM secret-keys should be randomly generated and rolled every so often Wed, 29 Feb, 21:59
Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli (Created) (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MAPREDUCE-3945) JobHistoryServer should store tokens to authenticate clients across restart Wed, 29 Feb, 23:09
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