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From abhishek sharma <absha...@usc.edu>
Subject Mapreduce: scheduling and task placement work
Date Tue, 16 Nov 2010 12:51:28 GMT

In his e-mail on the Hadoop Common mailing list, Steve Loughran
mentioned the following:

"There's work underway to be more aware of system load when scheduling
things, rather than have a fairly simplistic "slot" model, look more
at system load and memory load as a way of measuring how idle machines
are. If you were to be really devious, you'd look at io load, network,
machine temperature, etc. If you find this an interesting problem to
get involved in, the mapreduce-dev mailing list is the place to get

I would like to get involved.

I recently finished my PhD in computer science from the Univ. of
Southern California. In one of my projects, I modified the MapReduce
scheduler to implement a particular job priority scheme.


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