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From Kiko Griffin <k...@meebo-inc.com>
Subject Meebo - Data Engineer (Perm position in Mountain View, CA)
Date Tue, 25 May 2010 21:15:06 GMT
Hello All,

Meebo is seeking an empirically-minded groundbreaker to join its
ranks. We love instrumentation, A/B testing, and take delight in
uncovering the unexpected. We’re seeking our next team member who will
build a world-class product-oriented data system that will serve as
the compass for nearly all strategic company decisions. This
individual should have a deep desire to work with very large data sets
to guide product decisions and to strengthen the end-user voice within

In this role, your responsibilities will include:

    * Design and deploy Meebo’s core product data analysis framework
that includes A/B testing, real-time log processing, segmentation
capabilities, and surfacing moving metrics to the most relevant teams
    * Create tools, web interfaces, and visualizations to allow
product teams and partners to access real-time usage statistics
    * Instrument JavaScript and C/C++ codebase to collect usage behavior data
    * Proactively recommend metrics for understanding product health
and user satisfaction
    * Collaborate with the Operations team to design and deploy
Meebo’s next generation distributed data system

To be most effective, you will have:

    * BS or MS in Computer Science with an emphasis in Information
Analytics, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Information Retrieval,
Artificial Intelligence, or related field
    * Expertise in MapReduce programming models such as Hadoop and
other parallel computing implementations for processing and generating
large data sets
    * Scripting skills including HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Python, and SQL
    * The product and business savvy mindset to pinpoint what metric
matters most and the communication skills to convey those thoughts to

You will be measured by your ability to:

Work with a diverse team to cultivate ideas, foster user-centric
thinking, and positively influence product direction Listen deeply to
team product and business issues and make data and research
suggestions that will best inform strategic-thinking Build a
world-class stats infrastructure that is accessible company-wide that
will serve as the groundwork for all future stats projects at Meebo
If at all interested OR know someone who might be interested please
reply directly to Kiko@meebo-inc.com.



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