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From Chris White <chriswhite...@googlemail.com>
Subject MRUnit
Date Thu, 04 Mar 2010 03:53:25 GMT
What's the current development state of MRUnit? I'm currently using the 
0.20.1+152 version from cloudera but the implementation lacks some 
important features (all relating to the new API)

  * MapReduceDriver doesn't allow configuration of a combiner
  * ReducerDriver doesn't allow you to configure the Reducer.Context 
such that the TaskAttemptID.isMapper() returns true/false (allowing you 
to test a Reducer class that relies on this to perform different 
functionality depending on the current phase of the execution chain
  * Neither MapDriver, ReduceDriver and MapReduceDriver allow you to 
configure the Configuration object which is presented to the map/reducer 
through the mocked Context object

Looking through the SVN tree, the current MRUnit code lives in the 
contrib folder at 
but the most recent revision (or even the base revision) won't compile 
with the 0.20.1 core (org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.TaskType enum is not 
part of 0.20.1)

If i wanted to go about making these changes where would be the best 
place to do it, bearing in mind that it would effectively be a branch of 
the 807942 revision, made to work for 0.20.1


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