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Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-943) TestNodeRefresh timesout occasionally Tue, 01 Sep, 03:41
dhruba borthakur (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-944) Extend FairShare scheduler to fair-share memory usage in the cluster Wed, 02 Sep, 01:12
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-880) TestRecoveryManager times out Wed, 02 Sep, 09:42
Sreekanth Ramakrishnan (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-521) After JobTracker restart Capacity Schduler does not schedules pending tasks from already running tasks. Wed, 02 Sep, 10:54
Chris Douglas (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-946) Fix regression in LineRecordReader to comply with line length parameters Wed, 02 Sep, 20:49
Fredrik Hedberg MapReduce using the CLR (.NET/Mono) Thu, 03 Sep, 11:47
Arun C Murthy (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-948) FileOutputCommitter should create a _DONE file for successful jobs Thu, 03 Sep, 20:42
Arun C Murthy (JIRA) [jira] Reopened: (MAPREDUCE-372) Change org.apache.hadoop.mapred.lib.ChainMapper/Reducer to use new api. Thu, 03 Sep, 21:32
Arun C Murthy (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-917) Remove getInputCounter and getOutputCounter from Contexts Thu, 03 Sep, 21:32
Namit Jain (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-949) FileSplit still used by TextInputFormat Fri, 04 Sep, 00:55
Vinod K V (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-950) Clean up unsymmetrical Job-API w.r.t DistributedCache Fri, 04 Sep, 04:24
Arun C Murthy (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-951) MAP_INPUT_BYTES counter is missing Fri, 04 Sep, 08:39
Arun C Murthy (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-952) Previously removed Task.Counter reintroduced by MAPREDUCE-318 Fri, 04 Sep, 08:41
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-951) MAP_INPUT_BYTES counter is missing Fri, 04 Sep, 09:31
rahul k singh (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-953) Generate configuration dump for hierarchial queue configuration Fri, 04 Sep, 09:47
Owen O'Malley (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-954) The new interface's Context objects should be interfaces Fri, 04 Sep, 18:05
Namit Jain (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-955) CombineFileRecordReader should pass a InputSplit in the constructor instead of CombineFileSplit Fri, 04 Sep, 21:22
Jothi Padmanabhan (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-956) Shuffle should be broken down to only two phases (copy/reduce) instead of three (copy/sort/reduce) Sat, 05 Sep, 04:42
Devaraj Das (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-943) TestNodeRefresh timesout occasionally Mon, 07 Sep, 06:08
Ramya R (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-957) Set mapred.job.name for a pipes job Mon, 07 Sep, 06:30
rahul k singh (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-860) Modify Queue APIs to support a hierarchy of queues Mon, 07 Sep, 06:54
amolan...@students.iiit.ac.in 0.20 - Getting instantiation Exception at ReflectionUtils.newInstance Mon, 07 Sep, 12:34
amolan...@students.iiit.ac.in   Re: 0.20 - Getting instantiation Exception at ReflectionUtils.newInstance Wed, 09 Sep, 16:51
Steve Loughran (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-958) TT should bail out early when mapred.job.tracker is bound to 0:0:0:0 Mon, 07 Sep, 15:06
Chris Douglas (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-959) JobConf::setWorkingDirectory requires that the default FileSystem is reachable Mon, 07 Sep, 23:04
Chris Douglas (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-960) Unnecessary copy in mapreduce.lib.input.KeyValueLineRecordReader Tue, 08 Sep, 00:47
dhruba borthakur (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-961) ResourceAwareLoadManager to dynamically decide new tasks based on current CPU/memory load on TaskTracker(s) Tue, 08 Sep, 05:22
Ravi Gummadi (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-651) distcp can retry copying specified number of times in case of transient failures Tue, 08 Sep, 11:06
Boris Shkolnik (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-963) mapred's FileAlreadyExistsException should be deprecated in favor of hadoop-common's one. Tue, 08 Sep, 19:23
Rajiv Chittajallu (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-964) Inaccurate values in jobSummary logs Tue, 08 Sep, 20:31
Vinod K V (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-965) LinuxTaskController logs some of the errors during initializeJob/initializeTask at INFO level instead of WARN/ERROR. Wed, 09 Sep, 05:57
Hong Tang (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-966) Rumen interface improvement Wed, 09 Sep, 21:53
Todd Lipcon (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-967) TaskTracker does not need to fully unjar job jars Thu, 10 Sep, 06:26
Amar Kamat (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-926) History viewer on web UI should filter by job-id also Thu, 10 Sep, 16:09
Aaron Kimball (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-968) NPE in distcp encountered when placing _logs directory on S3FileSystem Thu, 10 Sep, 21:32
Todd Lipcon (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-969) NullPointerException during reduce freezes job Thu, 10 Sep, 23:45
Arun C Murthy (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-970) task-controller/configuration.c:get_values is broken Thu, 10 Sep, 23:55
Aaron Kimball (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-971) distcp does not always remove distcp.tmp.dir Fri, 11 Sep, 00:07
Aaron Kimball (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-972) distcp can timeout during rename operation to s3 Fri, 11 Sep, 01:35
Chris Douglas (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-973) Move "FailJob" from examples to test Fri, 11 Sep, 03:36
Amar Kamat (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-881) Jobtracker continues even if History initialization fails Fri, 11 Sep, 04:24
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