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From Daniel Einspanjer <deinspan...@mozilla.com>
Subject Re: Question regarding region scans in HBase integration
Date Sun, 12 Sep 2010 02:26:25 GMT
  Okay, that getSplits part is specifically where my code was involved.

My use case was one of salted rowkeys.  We are storing documents that 
have a guid as the id and the creation date of the document is important 
for scanning.  When we tested having a rowkey format of 
<creationtimestamp>+<guid>, the RegionServer hotspots became 
problematic, so we decided to salt the rowkey by using the first digit 
of the guid: <hexchar>+<creationtimestamp>+<guid>.  This gives us nice 
distribution of inserts throughout the cluster, but of course, it makes 
scanning a contiguous date range much more complicated.

The code I have allows us to write a MR that takes a list of prefixes 
(e.g. the hexchar) and a list of ranges (e.g. the desired timestamps) 
and construct a master Scan object that contains any configuration such 
as filters or cache settings, and a series of Scan objects that 
constitute the Cartesian product of the ranges.  Then, it passes those 
in to a custom getSplits that ensures only the needed regions 
participate in the Map.

If this sounds like it might be useful, I'll work on getting it cleaned 
up and posted somewhere so you can review it and maybe glean it for 
ideas.  If you are already past that point then I apologize for not 
checking into this sooner. :)


On 9/11/10 7:09 PM, John Sichi wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> I'm almost done with this for HIVE-1226; the remaining step I need to finish is to get
the filter passed down during getSplits, since the HBase getSplits implementation takes care
of figuring out which regions contain the row in question.
> On Sep 11, 2010, at 7:00 PM, Daniel Einspanjer wrote:
>> I was trying to spend a little time this weekend catching up with the current state
of HBase integration for Hive.  One thing that I haven't seen mentioned is how exactly Hive
scans an HBase table during a SELECT.
>> Does Hive have logic that allows it to intelligently scan only the participating
regions during a SELECT query that uses the rowkey?  If not, I recently wrote some code that
allows a MapReduce job to effectively select the regions based on a list of start/end rowkey
ranges.  If this might be useful to the Hive integration, I could create a Jira and take a
look at trying to set up a patch.
>> Daniel Einspanjer
>> Metrics Architect
>> Mozilla Corporation

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