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From John Sichi <jsi...@facebook.com>
Subject Re: about to cut the 0.6 release branch...
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2010 00:37:53 GMT
The 0.6 branch has been created from r956428.  I'm currently running tests on it to verify
the svn copy.

What does this mean for you?

If you're a committer:

* when you commit patches on trunk from here on, please set the Fix Release in JIRA to 0.7.0
* if the patch (or a backport of it) is being applied to the 0.6 branch as well, then add
0.6.0 to the Fix Release in JIRA
* if the JIRA issue creator has already set the Fix Release field, please review/edit to make
sure it matches what you are actually committing
* make sure tests pass on all branches where you are committing, and also update the corresponding
CHANGES.txt files
* for cases where a single patch is being applied to both trunk and branch, commit to trunk
first, then merge that to branch (rather than reapplying the patch on branch independently);
someone please correct me if I have this  wrong

If you're a contributor:

* if your work is not intended for the 0.6.0 release, just supply a patch against trunk as
usual and ignore the points below
* if you think your work needs to go in for 0.6.0, then get consensus on this in JIRA (release
manager Carl Steinbach will moderate this); as we get closer to the release date, the bar
for critical fixes will get higher and higher
* typically, you should develop your work against trunk; once it passes initial review, see
if it applies cleanly against branch-0.6 as well; if so, then when you Submit Patch, just
supply your single patch
* if your trunk patch does not apply cleanly against branch-0.6, then you need to backport
it to branch-0.6 and supply a separate patch file attached to the same JIRA issue; that will
need to be reviewed as well
* for a backport of a patch named HIVE-999.3.patch, name the backported patch as HIVE-999.3-0.6.patch
* please make sure tests are passing with your patch(es) on both trunk and branch before clicking
Submit Patch

If you're a user:

* if a JIRA issue has already been resolved, and was committed only to trunk, and later you
think it needs to go to 0.6 as well, don't reopen the issue; create a new issue instead for
the backport, and link it to the original issue


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