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From John Sichi <jsi...@facebook.com>
Subject heads up on ivy upgrade
Date Fri, 05 Feb 2010 21:43:34 GMT
Hi all,

Zheng just committed my patch for HIVE-1120, which upgrades ivy from 2.0 to 2.1 and refines
the new "offline" mode for the Hive build.

After updating your sandbox with this patch, you'll need to delete your IVY_HOME directory
(typically ~/.ant unless you have set it explicitly), otherwise you'll get errors the next
time you try to run "ant package".  See JIRA for an example of the error message.

Unfortunately, this will mean that ivy will have to re-download the big hadoop dependencies
on your next build, and as a number of people have reported recently, this seems to be a little
flaky currently.  This patch won't improve that situation (since from what I've seen the flakiness
comes from the source repositories), but it shouldn't make it any worse, and once you get
it and successfully re-download, you should be able to add ANT_ARGS="-Doffline=true" to your
shell environment and successfully work disconnected after that.

For the flakiness, I'm going to take a look at ivysettings.xml to see if we can improve the
repository situation via mirroring.


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