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From Edward Capriolo <edlinuxg...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Some wish after serious consideration
Date Thu, 09 Jul 2009 15:11:57 GMT

I am also waiting for HIVE-438 to do some work with the Hive
authentication system. I chose to sideline my work until a solid
thrift release.

I personally am very impressed by the open source contribution at
facebook. Hadoop-Hive, Thrift, Scribe, Cassandra probably more stuff I
do not know about.

Also the Hive crew is very amicable! Do you want to see a horror
story? Here is a patch that I use for (SSH public keys in LDAP


...However, their efforts to
find a way to get this kind of functionality into OpenSSH have met with
absolutely no reaction whatsoever from the OpenSSH developers. ...

Software has to developed based on usage. Since thrift has to be very
very interoperable and standardized just ram-rodding it with
developers may not help since there may need to be numerous cycles
between users and developers.

I believe Hive was/is waiting for an official thrift release before updating.

2009/7/9 Min Zhou <coderplay@gmail.com>:
> I have been watching HIVE-438 for so long a time, you know that's a critical
> change almost impact the whole hive source tree, a quick resolve is need.
> It's understandable human resources of facebook are very nervous,
> developers there always join several projects at the same time. Therefore,
> we should use the power of the open source community to speed up the
> development of it.  But right now, my feeling is that we only care about
> their own affairs, regardless of what other people do. This is not the
> pattern of the open source community, but we still immersed in this pattern.
> 2009/7/9 He Yongqiang <heyongqiang@software.ict.ac.cn>
>> "But I think no conflicts can be guaranteed, since conflicts are not raised
>> by one patch. If no conflict appears to this patch, then there will be
>> conflicts for other patches."
> My meaning was not refuse conflicts, there should be a way to avoid the
> frequency of them if we work together.
>> I mean
>> But I think no conflicts can NOT be guaranteed, since conflicts are not
>> raised by one patch. If no conflict appears to this patch, then there will
>> be conflicts for other patches.
>> On 09-7-9 下午2:43, "He Yongqiang" <heyongqiang@software.ict.ac.cn> wrote:
>> > On 09-7-9 下午2:14, "Min Zhou" <coderplay@gmail.com> wrote:
>> >
>> >> Hi all,
>> >> Having focused on hive for several month, here is some wish of me after
>> >> serious consideration
>> >>
>> >>    1. All auto-gen code for hive was under the facebook commercial
>> version
>> >>    of thrift, which is older than the open source one, would lead to
>> lots of
>> >>    compatible problems and stop from all helps from the open source
>> >> community.
>> >>    We need to remove  them as soon as possible, but it seems the
>> progress on
>> >>    this issue has stopped.
>> >
>> > See Hive-438. I think it will be committed by this weekend?
>> >
>> >>    2. Please give us a clear roadmap. We also have a plan improving
>> hive,
>> >>    but our patches would probably be uncared-for, because it's not on
>> the
>> >>    schedule of facebook. If  go on like this, there should be a lot of
>> >>    compatible problems brought by other commits, we were surfing from
>> fixing
>> >>    conflicts again and again.
>> >
>> > I think the hive roadmap on hive wiki page has just been updated.
>> > Please send out request for code review if you think the patch is ready.
>> > But I think no conflicts can be guaranteed, since conflicts are not
>> raised
>> > by one patch. If no conflict appears to this patch, then there will be
>> > conflicts for other patches.
>> >
>> >>    3. Please don't commit code so rashly. Code from Ashish could easily
>> be
>> >>    committed by others without a strict  examination, that caused a lot
>> of
>> >>    problems when using it here, bugs and incondite code hard to read and
>> to
>> >>    extend it. Perhaps the main reason is that Ashish is the leader of
>> Hive.
>> >>    Another person, Namit, always committed buggy or ugly code.  I have a
>> >>    suggestion,  just more discussion and tests with the helps of open
>> source
>> >>    community. Code quality would be raised if so. (I don't intend to in
>> the
>> >>    personal attacks here)
>> >
>> > Code review is a kind of really hard and boring work. And we can only say
>> > that the code is much likely with no error. A patch is committed with at
>> > least two persons' work, the patch submitter and the code reviewer.
>> > Sometimes the code is really hard to find errors either by eyes or tests,
>> so
>> > please be more patient. The bugs can be fixed soon after observing.
>> >
>> > And I agree with you suggestion on more discussion, so please comment on
>> the
>> > jira pages for issues you think need more discussion and tests.
>> > BTW, I think as the hive community grows, there could be more
>> discussions.
>> > So the first priority issue should be how to enlarge the hive community,
>> and
>> > let more people involved in the discussion of the hive mail-list or jira.
>> >
>> >>
>> >> Regards,
>> >> Min
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >
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> My research interests are distributed systems, parallel computing and
> bytecode based virtual machine.
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