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From jeff saremi <jeffsar...@hotmail.com>
Subject Question on metrics2 and FileSink
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2017 21:21:49 GMT
I'm trying to parse the metric records that are created by the typical FileSink class

I have pasted an example below

I need to separate the Dimensions (or tags in FileSink) from metrics (and their values). How
would i do that?

There seem to be no separators in the record:

1486582664390 master.Master: Context=master, Hostname=SomeServer, queueSize=0, numCallsInGeneralQueue=0,
numCallsInReplicationQueue=0, numCallsInPriorityQueue=0, ...

There is nothing the indicates the Hostname to be the last known tag/dimension and everything
after that to be a metric.

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