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From "Boudreau, Carl" <carl_boudr...@optum.com>
Subject How do I limit queries made to my Hadoop Cluster
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2016 21:32:43 GMT
Dear Hadoop Expert,

This is my first post to this group, and I am new to Hadoop, so if this is not the correct
list please excuse me.  If you have a better group please let me know by replying directly
to me.

I have a challenge before me.  In my Hadoop system I have data from three companies called
ABC, XYZ, and 123.  And because of my Business Need; all the records from these three companies
are in the same data store.  The records are randomly mixed so one record could be a record
from ABC and the next could be from XYX or 123. When I query my Hadoop system, for all records
that have the last name of Boudreau for data analytical work; I get all 3000 records that
have the last name Boudreau.

However, I also have a contract with ABC, that says I cannot aggregate their records.  So
I need a way to apply these contract rules when the data is queried.  Please note: I have
given 20 other developers access to my Hadoop system, but I am responsible to mirage the contractual
obligations for my customers

What is the best way about going about this?

Can or do I write a Plug-in or modify YARN to have it check my contract rules prior to returning
a dataset?  Can or do I write a plug in for each and every Gateway Application such as Pig,
Elastic Search, MapR, etc (about 10 applications that have access to my Hadoop system)

What are other options?

I have installed, configured and running Hadoop onto my local machine.  I have the source
code also downloaded onto my machine, and I am able to dig into it and compile it.

Regards Carl

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