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From Deepak Goel <deic...@gmail.com>
Subject "Big Data" Problem
Date Mon, 23 May 2016 21:59:46 GMT

Namaskara~Nalama~Guten Tag~Bonjour

(Sorry, as this might not be the right question for this forum. However am
not sure which other forum would be able to address this problem)

I work for a "Big Data" company and we are supposed to provide the
technology to a bank which will link the corporate accounts and savings
accounts of a customer.

So if a bank has given a corporate loan to a company and the company does
not dole out some payments from its savings account, then the bank should
warn itself and take action against the company as there might be a
probability that the company might default on its loan.

Now we would be providing the technology however it is not completely
ethical to link the corporate account to the savings account of the
customer company. However the bank is saying, as it has all the data it can
link it without any hassle. Even without informing customers.

This problem is similar to the "Nuclear problem" where the physicist
provided the nuclear technology to build nuclear bombs, but said that they
just provided the technology. But it is for the politicians to decide
whether or not to use nuclear bombs on civilians. And hence there is no
moral obligation on the physicist.

What do you think I should do? Is there a problem at all or am i just over
imagining things? Should I provide the technology to the bank to link the
two accounts?

Thank You

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