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From "K. N. Ramachandran" <knra...@gmail.com>
Subject Hadoop Kerberos - Authentication issue IPC Server/Client
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2016 21:57:03 GMT

I have a Kerberos setup with Hadoop (single node cluster) in an Ubuntu
environment (VirtualBox setup).

We are using a variant of a Yarn application and the Client.java in this
variant opens a socket for communicating to the ApplicationMaster and
receiving messages.

Without Kerberos, this works fine. I am currently investigating whether the
entire structure will work with Kerberos too and what code changes would be
necessary. With Kerberos, a problem occurs at the socket connection part
and simply fails with errors outlined in the attached file
(kerbFailure.txt), a snippet of the errors is:
16/03/18 17:18:28 WARN ipc.Client: Exception encountered while connecting
to the server : org.apache.hadoop.security.AccessControlException: Client
cannot authenticate via:[KERBEROS]

Now I have enabled Kerberos authentication on the Hadoop cluster by
following the instructions at:

Since the stacktrace has references to SASL connection methods, should I
explicitly enable SASL authentication, following the instructions at:

My impression was that SASL DataTransfer is optional (only needed if I want
to start Nodes as non-root) and I currently start up the Secure Data Node
as root and set JSVC_HOME, using the scripts in the sbin folder.

I can also verify that both client and server processes return the correct
Kerberos principal when I do:

UserGroupInformation ugi = UserGroupInformation.getCurrentUser();
LOG.info("UGI: " + ugi + ", hasKerb: " + ugi.hasKerberosCredentials());
// outputs: UGI: ram@RAM-VIRTUALBOX (auth:KERBEROS), hasKerb: true

I have hdfs and yarn as separate users. Both have their relevant Kerberos
principals and authenticated through keytabs. My username is added as a
principal too and authenticated with a password. So system startup and Yarn
job submission is fine, but I encounter the error at socket connection as
described before.

Hope this overview helps. Please let me know if you might need more

Thanking You,

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