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From "Silnov" <sil...@sina.com>
Subject MapReduce job doesn't make any progress for a very very long time after one Node become unusable.
Date Wed, 24 Feb 2016 06:52:16 GMT
hello everyone! I am a greenhand on hadoop.I have one question seeking for your help!

I have some nodes running hadoop 2.6.0.
The cluster's configuration remain default largely.
I run some job on the cluster(especially some job processing a lot of data) every day.
Sometimes, I found my job remain the same progression for a very very long time. So I have
to kill the job mannually and re-submit it to the cluster. It works well before(re-submit
the job and it run to the end), but something go wrong today.
After I re-submit the same task for 3 times, its running go deadlock(the progression doesn't
change for a long time, and each time has a different progress value.e.g.33.01%,45.8%,73.21%).I
begin to check the web UI for the hadoop, then I find there are 98 map suspend while all the
running reduce task have consumed all the avaliable memory. I stop the yarn and add configuration
below into yarn-site.xml and then restart the yarn.
(wanting the yarn to preempt the reduce task's resource to run suspending map task)
After restart the yarn,I submit the job with the property mapreduce.job.reduce.slowstart.completedmaps=1.
but the same result happen again!!(my job remain the same progress value for a very very long
time)I check the web UI for the hadoop again,and find that the suspended map task is newed
with the previous note:"TaskAttempt killed because it ran on unusable node node02:21349".
Then I check the resourcemanager's log and find some useful messages below:
******Deactivating Node node02:21349 as it is now LOST.
******node02:21349 Node Transitioned from RUNNING to LOST.I think this may happen because
my network across the cluster is not good which cause the RM don't receive the NM's heartbeat
in time.But I wonder that why the yarn framework can't preempt the running reduce task's resource
to run the suspend map task?(this cause the job remain the same progress value for a very
very long time )Any one can help?
Thank you very much!
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