Hi Chhaya,


Please find below sample code .


  System.setProperty("java.security.krb5.conf", "D:\\data\\Desktop\\cluster-test\\krb5.conf");

// Login using keytab if have access to keytab. else
       "  D:\\data\\Desktop\\cluster-test\\conf\\hdfs.keytab");


Note: Above 2 lines should be at the beginning  in your application.



Andreina J


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Thanks Niranjan It would be great if you can share a sample code if any?


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Hi Chhaya, 


You can use the UserGroupInformation class from org.apache.hadoop.security package. 


Specifically following 2 methods of that class 



UserGroupInformation.loginUserFromKeytab(principal, keytabPath);





On 02-Nov-2015, at 4:15 pm, Vishwakarma, Chhaya <Chhaya.Vishwakarma@Thinkbiganalytics.com> wrote:


I have Kerberos enabled Hadoop cluster, I need to perform HDFS operations using JAVA code.

I have keytab file and username can someone please suggest how can I autheticate to Kerberos using JAVA code?