Check out the two last comments for HDFS-1312 :

If you can't afford to wipe out DN data and rebalance, you can try out the proposed script (after non-prod testing obviously)

Le 16/02/2015 09:52, Georgi Ivanov a écrit :

I need to free some space on one of the data directories on one server.
I have 2 data volumes : /data/1 and /data/2

One of the hard drives was broken, and after we replaced it, i ran a rebalance.
The problem is i forgot to change the policy to FreeSpace (insted of default round-robin).

So now i have only 60MB free on /data/1 , and this is where checkpoints are stored.

So i need an advice how can i free some space only on this volume.

Can i just delete something from

Thanks in advance